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moving to Tumblr

I’m moving to Tumblr for real this time.


Let me get you caught up

A summary of the last 6 months:

1. I moved to Philadelphia

2. I am taking classes at Philadelphia Furniture Workshop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I’m learning to be a woodworker which is totally awesome and raises my badass level to new extremes. I’ve already made a few furniture pieces and I’m very slowly building my hand tool collection. So far I have a Lie Nielson block plane, and in the mail a set of Pfeil chisels, marking knife and a Tite-mark marking gauge. There is SO much to know about woodworking. Hand tools, machine tools, techniques, joinery, understanding wood movement between seasons, grain direction. Ahhhhh. It’s complicated but I have the best teachers in the entire universe and I’m learning so much! Im shocked by my new woodworking vocabulary. Why just the other day I played TENON in Words With Friends and my b-fry was like “what’s a tenon?” and I was like “oh em geeeeee. uh duhhhhhhh mortise and tenon? it’s like totally the most common joint duhhhh” BAM!

The picture above is my block plane that fits into the palm of my hand. My teacher Mario punched my initials “LG” on the side. Isn’t it so cute?

On to quilting… I’ve been quilting again! Over the holidays I made two quilts 70x 70 that I gave away as gifts. I did’t take pictures, but iIll try and get some. Also- I’m working on a giant (90″ x 90″) quilt for the b-fry. Front is pieced and pinned to batting and back. I’ll take some pictures of that as well and post in a bit.

You can expect a lot more blogging consistency from me because i’ve decided to take the next 8 months off from working to build a portfolio for my next step in life…

for my boy






plant drawings

I wish I had a good scanner. Click for a *kind of* better quality image.


for Sarah and Kevin!

Sometimes it’s good to have an a.d.d. weekend project, where you begin a project you randomly thought of while avoiding something that should be finished.

for Rachel!

for Asia!

for my parental units

another little drawing.

my jean jacket🙂


I started this quilt over a year ago, but most of that year was spent not working on it. Since starting back up again on January 19 I’ve logged over 200 hours. At this point, I’ve completed piecing the entire front of the quilt together. Now it only needs to be quilted and binded and then I’m done! I use the word ‘only’ lightly because I’m guessing I still have 30+ hours of work left. The quilt is made up of 6,080 one-inch squares. It measures 76″ x 80″.

I hope to update soon with the finished piece! And you’re in for a surprise… what you see is not what you will get.

click to enlarge photos



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